Reaction™ By Viora

VIORA is a leading company in the field of the medical aesthetic solutions, whose goal is to help its clients to receive the best skin results by innovating the existing skin technology and offering them the best non-invasive treatments.

VIORA’s non-invasive products treat a wide range of skin defects among which are sagging skin of the face and body and cellulite. They provide skin rejuvenation and lightening and even hair removal.

VIORA has a team of clinical and technical professionals, who have invented innovative and patented technologies such as CORE, SVC and PCR. They have revolutionized the non-invasive treatments and continue to work on new ideas of improving the existent technologies such as laser and IPL as a response to the market demands. 

Reaction by VIORA is one of the most successful machines of the company that combines bipolar radiofrequency and vacuum (the so called CORE technology). It is a world leader in the field of aesthetic treatments for shaping the contour of  the body and tightening of the skin.

Now you can take advantage of all treatments that Reaction can offer at our beauty salon in Varna:

  •  Cellulite treatment
  •  Reducing measurements (including after giving birth and liposuction)
  •  Firming of sagging face and body skin
  •  Removal of stretchmarks

Reaction offers a maximum control of the treatment and consistent penetration of heat by the CORE technology. It includes a multichannel RF vacuum therapy that encompasses three different processes: deep tissue heating, mechanical stretching and mechanical massage.

The patented CORE technology applies a specific frequency, which is focused on tissues of different depths – from the surface layers of the skin to the hypodermis. The application of radiofrequency energy on the dermis and subcutaneous layers triggers heating to the liable tissues, which leads to:

  • Increase of the oxygen diffusion, released by the blood cells, which improves the cell metabolism;
  • Increase of the temperature of the treated body section, which eases the degradation of the accumulated energy (triglycerides) in the adipose cells, which in turn, when released, leads to reduction of their volume.
  • Decomposition of the hard cross collagen bonds, which increases the skin elasticity and texture.

Along with the benefits of the effective treatment of cellulite, the deep heating of the subcutaneous tissue initiates mechanical stretching of the skin, which is started by the electrical impulses released by the radiofrequency electrodes. This action increases the gene expression and stimulates the fibroblasts to increase the production of collagen and thus improve the elasticity, which in turn leads to skin firming. 

Reaction Mechanical Vacuum

And last, but not least, the mechanical vacuum additionally improves the treatment by easing the deeper penetration of the heat energy in the subcutaneous tissue as well as increasing the local blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. The result is the reduction of further development of orange-peel skin, improvement of the skin texture, and reduction in body measurements.

The chance to choose a specific RF regime and power of the vacuum according to the needs of the treated body zone provides the best result possible in this therapy.

If you have cellulite, don’t try to just live with it. Find the right way to fight it and receive fast and longlasting results. Undoubtedly, cellulite is a serious condition that inevitably happens to almost all women (90% according to a recent research). It lowers a lady’s self-esteem because it limits her power to wear whatever she wants and feel comfortable in her own skin.


1 body therapy - 60 lv

1 face therapy - 80 lv

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